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Who we are

‘A guru is someone who has the power to see greatness even in the lowest man and has the power to raise it’

Since the beginning of civilization India has been the Guru for the whole world. When the whole world was groping in darkness, India was teaching about the identity of man with the Supreme.

People from all around the world converged to India to gain from its priceless wisdom. Indeed, the country that showed the whole world its academic brilliance through Sushrutha, Kanad, and Aryabhatta deserves to gain the same pedestal of being “Vishwa Guru Bharat” again.

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5 Elements of Nature and Their relationship with the Human Body.

A lot of ancient philosophies around the globe classify the composition of the Universe into 5 elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether (Space). These are also called the “Panch Mahabhoot.” Knowledge of these five elements helps us understand the laws of nature.

Each of the five elements represents a state of matter in nature. Solid matter is classified as the “Earth” element. Water is everything that is liquid. Air is everything that is a gas. Fire is that part of Nature that transforms one state of matter into another. Ether is the mother of the other elements and is the basis of higher spiritual experiences....

The Elements in the Human Body are closely related to the 5 elements of nature

All of the creation is made up of the five elements in different proportions. The Human body is also the product of these 5 elements in different proportions. 72% water, 12% earth, 6% air, 4% fire and the rest is Ether. Usually, the percentages of the first four elements remain constant but the percentage of Ether can be enhanced. Each element is responsible for different structures in the body.

Earth forms solid structures such as teeth, nails, bones, muscles, skin, tissues, and hair. These give structure and strength to the body. Water forms saliva, urine, semen, blood, and sweat. Fire forms hunger, thirst, sleep, the vision in the eyes and complexion of the skin. Air is responsible for all movement including expansion, contraction, vibration, and suppression. Space is the most subtle of all elements and is present in the hollow cavities of the body in the form of radio frequencies, light radiation, cosmic rays, etc.

The “Prana” (vital force) in the human body is also directly connected to these 5 elements. The Law of Nature demands these elements to be in balance.

Imbalance of the 5 Elements of nature is the cause of most diseases

The source of chronic (self-manifested) diseases is the impurity of any of the elements or if the elements are out of balance with another element in the body.
  • Imbalance of Water element: This is visible as excess mucus, cold, sinusitis, swelling of glands, edema of tissues, blood thinning or blood clotting.
  • Imbalance of Earth element: shows itself as general weakness in the body, loss of calcium from bones, obesity, cholesterol, weight loss, and weight gain, muscular diseases, etc.
  • Imbalance of Fire element: manifests itself as fever, skin diseases like inflammation, increased coldness or heat in the body, excessive sweating, hyper-acidity, slow digestion and absorption of nutrients, toxins in the body, diabetes, etc.
  • Imbalance of Air element: leads to skin dryness, blood pressure problems, lung disorders, dry cough, bloating, constipation, lethargy, insomnia, muscular spasms, depression, etc.
  • Imbalance of Space element: is visible as Thyroid disorders, throat problems, speech disorders, epilepsy, madness, ear diseases, etc.
Meditation/Yoga can help
Yoga can help us purify these elements, restore balance and maintain good health. Cleansing techniques for the 5 elements are known as “Bhuta Shuddhi”. To unfold the inner powers and abilities contained in each element. Yoga also offers techniques to master all these elements – known as “Bhuta Siddhi”.
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Our Mission

Our Mission is to restore the unity of humanity by inspiring, empowering and connecting people and leading the eternal order of peace and harmony by adopting Vedic Sanatan Sanskritik culture.

Our mission further covers the fields of:

  • Education and skill development
  • Health
  • Yoga, Meditation & Ayurveda
  • Environment and Disaster Management
  • Terrorism Free and Corruption Free
  • Girl child education Women empowerment and women Safety
  • Law, Ethics and Peace
  • Unity & Harmony
  • Humanitarian activities
  • Development and Communal harmony
  • Art and culture, Survey Museum, research and publication
  • Farmer's health and growth in Agriculture field

Our Vision

The vision of Vishwa Guru Bharat lies in restoring the eternal order by the means of our historical teachings and way of life, relevantly adopted into the current era of existence. Referring to reclaiming our heritage, knowledge and wisdom that our historical scriptures have bestowed upon us for many millennia; Making Bharat the path bearer of humanity also known as Vishwa Guru.

What is 5G?

5G refers to Gau, Ganga, Gayatri, Gita and Guru. These are the core principles that we work under and formulate projects with.

  • GAU: To save all animals.
  • GANGA: To save water sources and create water resources to eliminate water crisis.
  • GEETA: To promote Mantras to self development.
  • GAYATRI: To promote and respect our Granths/Puranas which also taught us living way in the society and on the Earth.
  • GURU: From ancient times, Guru’s are equal to the Gods who shares their knowledge with everyone equally.

Our Objectives

Primary Objectives

This Organization is led by Chamail Singh. And the main idea behind it is that, In the past time our bharat is known as Vishwa Guru. Now we are leading this organization so that we call recall bharat back as “VISHWA GURU”. This Organization will cover all the sectors based on Education for girls, Health, Law, Environment Pollution, Afforestation, Animals, Disaster Management, Water, Land, Anti-Terrorism, Girl Safety, ethics and Peace, Brotherhood & Harmony, art of thinking, Humanitarian, we want stress free mind, peace, development, ethics, Ayurveda business, unity for Living Things and some important other like “Movement for global peace, prosperity, brotherhood & harmony”. This Organization will protect Universe.

This organization played key role in creating sense of brotherhood among People. This Foundation Is A Non-Government and Non-Political Movement for Global Peace Prosperity, Brotherhood and Communal Harmony.

This foundation will be engaged in holding Seminars/ Conferences/ Peace Rallies, Youth Leadership Training Camps, Free Medical Camps, Relief Distribution Camps, Holding Public Meetings, Awareness Camps, Environmental Awareness Camps, Cultural Programmers, Rehabilitation camps for Drug Addicts and Peace Learning Camps for last fourteen years to strengthen communal harmony, brotherhood and mutual understanding. The organization will be engaged in educating the people about the importance of peace and the communal harmony in an atmosphere of plural society on the globe.

Further the organization is going to organize hundreds of peace conference at District Levels, Tehsil Levels and Block Levels in the current year. We further, are endearing to persuade the miss guided youths of the state to shun the path of violence and cushion them not to fall pray in to the hands of some vested interest that use them to enhance their ill designs and machination against the national interest and communal harmony. The aim of the organization is to maintain sovereignty and integrity of the state at all cost, create an atmosphere of peace, mutual tolerance and brotherhood so that state ushers in all round development, peace.

  • VISHWA GURU BHARAT BHARTIYA VEDIC SANATAN SANSKRITI is a Non-political, Non-Commercial and Non-Governmental Voluntary Organization.
  • VISHWA GURU BHARAT BHARTIYA VEDIC SANATAN SANSKRITI shall not be having any affiliation with any political or religious organization.
  • VISHWA GURU BHARAT BHARTIYA VEDIC SANATAN SANSKRITI shall be at liberty to operate in any part of India as well as outside of India . However the emphasis shall be laid on the welfare of the patriotic citizens of India.
  • VISHWA GURU BHARAT BHARTIYA VEDIC SANATAN SANSKRITI will uphold the Integrity of the Country.
  • To work for the welfare of nationalists irrespective of religion, caste, colour or creed, in India.
  • To work for the rights of Humanity by exploring and educating the treasures of Vedic Tradition with an intent to make Bharat a Vishwa Guru (the guiding light).
  • To promote moral and ethical values through social and educational institutions for inculcating self-discipline and strengthening an ideal National character.
  • To study and create awareness about the various constitutional provisions and their applicability and inapplicability to the states of India.
  • To solicit and receive financial support from National and International organizations for welfare activities and to organize workshops/ programmes.
  • To publish papers, newspapers and magazines and to make films and documentaries for the promotion of all languages.
  • To make committees at Mohalla Level, Village Level, Block Level, Tehsil Level, District Level, State Level, National Level, International Level, or such other levels as may be deemed appropriate.
  • Such committees shall comprise of:-
    1. President
    2. Vice-Presidents
    3. General Secretaries
    4. Spokespersons
    5. Secretaries
    6. Joint Secretaries
    7. Treasurers

OM for All

हमारा संकल्प विश्वगुरु भारत जिसका आधार, अखिल भारतीय वैदिक, विज्ञान, सनातन संस्कृति.सनातन धर्म, जिसे हिन्दू धर्म अथवा वैदिक धर्म भी कहा जाता है और यह १९६०८५३११० साल का इतिहास है। धर्म कर्म, मनुष्य-जीवन की शैली है जो मनुष्य का कर्तव्य है। सत्य और इमानदारी की शिक्षा का प्रचार प्रसार करना और संपूर्ण विश्व में (सार्वत्रिक) वेद, विज्ञान, योग ध्यान और आयुर्वेद से सुख शांति खुशी तरक्की, मान सम्मान, स्वस्थ और समृद्धि जीवन जीने की आध्यात्मिक वैदिक सनातन संस्कृति कला, जो एकता के साथ संपूर्ण विश्व कल्याण के लिए हर क्षेत्र में कार्य करना!आओ भारत का वैदिक, विज्ञान, योग ध्यान,सनातन संस्कृति से जुड़े और अपना धर्म-कर्म, सत्य और इमानदारी से कर्तव्य का पालन करें हैं! अखिल भारत का वैदिक धर्म, सनातन धर्म, हिंदू धर्म के शास्त्र, वेद ,पुराण, उपनिषद और समृति के संस्कारों पर चलें और पुनःभारत को विश्व गुरु बनाएं


What we do


Vishwa Guru Bharat Trust provide business's platform with the opportunity to reach the traget audiences.


Vishwa Guru Bharat Trust do encourage the Education to every kind of people.


Vishwa Guru Bharat Trust has its own legal team which raise their voice against wrong things happen in the Society or Country

Terrorism Free

Vishwa Guru Bharat Trust orgainse events to encourage and aware people about terrorism with peace message

Drugs Free

Vishwa Guru Bharat runs various Yoga, meditation and programs

Environment Disaster Management

We provide help to the area effected by natural disaster in the form of food, water, medicines and lots more.

And Lots More...


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171/2, Sector-B, Sanik Colony, Jammu City, Jammu and Kashmir 180011