Who we are

‘A guru is someone who has the power to see greatness even in the lowest man and has the power to raise it’

Since the beginning of civilization India has been the Guru for the whole world. When the whole world was groping in darkness, India was teaching about the identity of man with the Supreme. People from all around the world converged to India to gain from its priceless wisdom. Indeed, the country that showed the whole world its academic brilliance through Sushrutha, Kanad, and Aryabhatta deserves to gain the same pedestal of being “Vishwa Guru Bharat” again.

Now, that the world has openly adopted ‘Namaskar’ as a way of greeting, Indian values have a treasure trove of beliefs that can change the entire world for betterment. From Ayurveda to Indian science, there’s more to India that the world needs to know, learn, and adopt.

Bharat can become "Vishwa Guru" also because of its message of great love and great compassion for all. We believe in ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’, the world is one family. And now, is time that the entire world also imbibes the spirit.

Our trust has been founded by Shri Chamail Singh with the resolution to make India “Vishwa Guru Bharat” again. To make India “Vishwa Guru” on the basis of vedic sanatana sanskriti by promoting vedic sanatana sanskriti also known as Sanatana dharma or Hindu dharma or Vedic dharma.

Other resolution taken by our trust to work/save 5 Elements: Air, Ether(Space), Earth, Water and Fire by finding solution to the

issues/problems like pollution (Air, Water), soil low fertility,deforestation, etc. Another resolution taken by our trust is to work/save 5G. 5G refers to Gau (To save all animals), Ganga (To save water sources and create water resources to eliminate water crisis), Gayatri (To promote Mantras to self development), Gita (To promote and respect our Granths/Puranas which also taught us living way in the society and on the Earth) and Guru (From ancient times, Guru’s are equal to the Gods who shares their knowledge with everyone equally).

On 27th October 1992 at Jammu, Shri Chamail Singh S/O Sh. Girdhari Lal R/O Paddar, Distt. Kishtwar, J&K, thought about this idea and why Bharat is not the Ram Rajya? Why Bharat is not the Vishwa Guru? So Shri Chamail Singh Thakur is also shared his Vision & Mission with RSS (Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh) and various NGOs and Trusts like Art of Living, Sadhu's, Saints, Rishi-muni, Scholar, Researcher, Social Activist, Political Analytics, Journalists, and lots more and then started trust named - Vishwa Guru Bharat Vedic Sanatana Sanskriti Trust since then along with Founder - Shri Chamail Singh, Founder & President - Smt. Rupali Sharma Dutta, Trustee - Shri Ankur Sharma, Shri Santosh Upadhyaya, Vedic Sanatana Shastra President - Dr. Vishwamurthy Shastri, General Secreatary ORG - Shri Nishant Kondal, Director - Dr. Anil Kumar Padha, Vedic Sanatana Shastra Vice-President - Shri Deepak Sharma, Law Management Director - Shri Sanveer Singh and many more other volunteers belongs to differents fields of work like bureaucrats, politics, judiciary, media research, Sadhu, Saint, Rishi-Muni and Guru, etc. We are leading a total of 108 departments (5G, 5 Elements, Art Culture & Research, Skill, Environment, Health, Business, Education and many more.) pratinidhis, volunteers and people who want to see India as "Vishwa Guru Bharat".